Another butterflies dream.

Less words. Less mistakes

Filipino time will always be filipino time

Im down with my usual sickness (sipon) . But i have no choice, i have to pick up my little taray sister at school then attend the homeroom meeting by 3pm and endorse to her tutor by 5pm then wait for her until 6pm. Grrr, I thought that this is my day. supposedly my FREE day. No work but lot of things to do. huhu. thank God that i love my sister even if she’s so mataray to me. Anyways, Arriving early before 3 as per schedule, glad that i made it on time. but surprisingly the meeting started 4:30, and guess what lot of parents  still came late. hihi. Filipino time nga naman. Sometimes it will cause you positive, sometimes not .specially if your the 1st one to arrive. ^_^

The super power of Candy Crush

Hello there, I dont know where to start this thing but i guess i started it from signing up at tumblr. hihi. A while ago, i was inspired by someone “semi popular teen icon” (although im not a teen anymore) to write something that happens in every seconds that runs through my head asides from taking food pictures or selfie mirror shot from my phone.  Im a bit lazy mode person(not a bit actually) thats why i’m kinda thinking if i should start this or will end up hanging on page 1.haha.  Im just a normal person working 8 hours a day, eating more that 3 meals a day and sleeping with lights off. Currently im playing this addictive candy crush while writing this and i’ve been stuck on this level for almost 2 weeks. Grrrr. 

And suddenly, some stupid sign come up in my mind. If i ever get through this level. i will definitly surely continue this blog thing. As a surprise!

Cheren! (sadly i only got 1 star)

So i guess i should give my self a try. haha. 

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